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Senator Roberts Statement is Nothing New for the Anti-Education Party

Much ado has been made recently about State Senator Kerry Roberts September 2 call to “get rid of our institutions of higher education” where he went on to call them “liberal breeding grounds”. A public outcry has arisen not just here in Tennessee but has also spread to some national news outlets.   The question we should… Keep Reading


The Green New Deal

Lately there has been buzz surrounded several proposals dubbed “Green New Deals.” These tend to detail power grids relying on solar energy or cap and trade schemes whereby companies buy the right to pollute from developing countries. Most of these are aspirational at best, in many cases detailing programs that have nothing to do with… Keep Reading


Trump’s PC Snowflakes

Recently I can’t help but reflect back on a point that struck me early on when Trumpism first started to take hold in 2016.  It’s something that has roots even further back than Trump himself and it has to do with the conservative fascination with political correctness.  My observations have shown that they are not… Keep Reading


The Facts on Single Payer Healthcare

Healthcare is expensive. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 40% of Americans and 62% of cancer patients will go into debt to pay for their medical treatment. It’s the single largest cause of personal bankruptcies in the country. Why has the cost of healthcare risen so much faster than wages in the past 40 years?… Keep Reading

Politics/Social Justice

In Defense of Justin Jones

A local Middle Tennessee publication has continued a foray of political hit pieces on a local Nashville area activist named Justin Jones. This article is in defense of Justin. He is African American, a graduate of a private historically black university in Nashville, Tennessee, and current graduate student at Vanderbilt University. Fisk University was the… Keep Reading

Election 2018/Politics

State Senator Incites Anger and Division with Mailer

The Tennessee Republican Party sent out a mailer in the 25th State Senate District this week on behalf of  Republican State Senator Kerry Roberts with a threatening tone.  On the Front of the ad it reads ” RADICAL LIBERAL WADE MUNDAY AND HIS MOB FRIENDS WANT TO STOP CONSERVATIVES LIKE DONALD TRUMP AND KERRY ROBERTS &… Keep Reading


Do Trade Deficits add to our Government Debt?

If you were to ask the average Trump supporter this question, you may be surprised if they answer yes.  It would explain the popularity of Trumps trade war with his base, but it is founded on a false premise, and it goes to show how little the public knows about it. Our Government debt currently… Keep Reading


The Second Amendment: How we got here

For the first 170 years since it was ratified, fewer words and legal opinions were written about the Second Amendment than nearly any in the Bill of Rights (with the exception of the 3rd). That isn’t to say people didn’t have guns. Of course they did. Guns were bought and sold. States regulated them, but… Keep Reading

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