Acosta Assault Accusation Really an Assault on American’s Intelligence

In a Wednesday White House press conference with reporters, President Trump engaged with CNN’s Jim Acosta by calling on him, presumably to make an example of him and vent some of his anger on Republicans massive losses during the mid-term elections.  During this heated exchange the Trump instructed Acosta to sit down, and a White House intern made a few attempts to get the microphone away from Acosta. Later in the day Acosta attempted to return to the White House and found that his press credentials had been revoked by the White House.  The reason given by Press Secretary Sanders was because she claimed Acosta had assaulted the intern who tried to remove the microphone.  Later as evidence of this, the White House released doctored videos of the incident that they had taken from the controversial fake news outlet Info Wars. Info Wars is the same site that is known for harassing the parents of the New Town victims with their claim the shooting was made up.

Clearly this is another example of the morally void Presidency that has permeated out to all Republicans.  In this case the same group of people that do not view sexual assault against woman as a criminal act, think that it is fine to falsely accuse reporters they don’t like of a crime, and to even go so far as to use doctored video in an attempt to provide evidence for their false allegations.

The sickness that has spread throughout the country has a single source, and that source is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  After calls for unity following the election the President went directly to sewing more seeds of division, and continuing to use the press as a foil in attempt to delegitimize the preponderance of facts that have been flowing out that show his administration is nothing more than a front for a criminal enterprise.

It is clear that the vast majority of Americans who practice decency have got to stand up in ways stronger than ever to the President and his Republican goon squad.  While the numbers of his followers may be fewer than the rest of us, they are eager to believe any hate and falsity that he chooses to state.  These people have abandoned all things that make them empathetic humans in favor of a wicked leader.  This means that we must all stay vigilant over the next two years.  Wining the House of Representatives will not be enough to save this county. The President thinks we are stupid.  He thinks he can push his false narrative and enough of us will believe him to allow him to win.  Don’t let him do it!

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