Beavers Anti-Islam Event Will No Longer Be Held on Trevecca Campus


In response to an outpouring of opposition from the community, students, and alumni, the Mae Beavers anti-Islam event will not be held on the TNU campus.  The event was set to feature three highly controversial speakers, all of which were linked to hate groups by the  Southern Poverty Law Center. Conservative groups have attempted to link moving the event off the campus to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  However, all indications are CAIR had little to do with this action, and it in fact was related to concern from alumni and university officials.

The University has released the following statement:

Throughout our history, Trevecca has consistently offered political candidates of both parties the opportunity to use our campus for events. We strongly believe that our students benefit from proximity to the voting process, and that freedom of speech is a foundation of American democracy.

However, the Mae Beavers event tentatively scheduled to be held on our campus appears to have an agenda beyond a political campaign. This event would distract from our commitment to community building, education, and support of a diverse enrollment. Our agenda of Christian education in the heart of Nashville requires that we serve the best interests of this mission.

For this reason, the planned event will not be held on Trevecca’s campus.


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