August 12, 2020 Two things I know for sure about the coronavirus pandemic:    1.  Face masks properly used are the simplest and most effective method of controlling the spread of the virus which has already affected more than 120,000 Tennesseans and killed more than 1,200 of them.  For the person wearing a mask, it filters out some


The Green New Deal

By Christopher Stowe Lately there has been buzz surrounded several proposals dubbed “Green New Deals.” These tend to detail power grids relying on solar energy or cap and trade schemes whereby companies buy the right to pollute from developing countries. Most of these are aspirational at best, in many cases detailing programs that have nothing


The Facts on Single Payer Healthcare


By Christopher Stowe   Healthcare is expensive. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 40% of Americans and 62% of cancer patients will go into debt to pay for their medical treatment. It’s the single largest cause of personal bankruptcies in the country. Why has the cost of healthcare risen so much faster than wages in