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The Green New Deal

in Environment

Lately there has been buzz surrounded several proposals dubbed “Green New Deals.” These tend to detail power grids relying on solar energy or cap and trade schemes whereby companies buy the right to pollute from developing countries. Most of these are aspirational at best, in many cases detailing programs that have nothing to do with…

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The Children’s Crusade

in Law/Politics
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Next week thousands of students will ‘walk out’ for 17 minutes,  for each of the 17 victims in the latest headline grabbing attack that took place recently in Florida. Are children allowed to do this? Is it too disruptive? What are the odds of this actually happening to any individual student? As many ask these…

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Dean Makes Solutions His Priority in Bid For Governors Office

in Election 2018/Politics

The race for the Tennessee governor’s mansion is heating up in what promises to be the most contentious mid-term election in recent history. Historically, Tennessee has alternated between parties, generally tracking opposite the White House, although these are far from typical times in American politics. The two front-runners in terms of name recognition, and cash…

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The Real Face of Federal Dependency

in Politics

Everyone knows the trope, the welfare queens, sitting in taxpayer funded housing, eating lobster and steak paid for by food stamps, cranking out babies to increase that welfare check.  “She used 80 names, 30 addresses, 15 telephone numbers to collect food stamps, Social Security, veterans’ benefits for four nonexistent deceased veteran husbands, as well as welfare.…

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