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The beginning of the year for the markets is a stark contrast to the impressive gains of 2017, with a steep fall that was precipitated by arguably the Longest Streak Ever Without a 5% Correction, and also a series of events that have wreaked havoc in the bond market. Bond investors have recently gained control of… Keep Reading


The Children’s Crusade

Next week thousands of students will ‘walk out’ for 17 minutes,  for each of the 17 victims in the latest headline grabbing attack that took place recently in Florida. Are children allowed to do this? Is it too disruptive? What are the odds of this actually happening to any individual student? As many ask these… Keep Reading


The Republican’s Education Bill, The Prosper Act, will do no such thing

There are currently 6 million job openings in the United States. Job openings are in part due to a huge tech oriented skills shortage. The current administration plans on gutting public education and removing subsidies that have been necessary for young adults to receive post-graduate higher education. The New Republican spending bill will likely make… Keep Reading

Election 2018/Politics

Gloria Johnson Enters Race For State House 13 Seat

Progressive champion Gloria Johnson has announced today that she is entering the race to win back the 13th District State House seat.  Johnson was first elected in 2012 to serve the 13th district. In 2014 she narrowly lost her seat to Republican Eddie Smith by just 182 votes.  Johnson tried once again in 2016 once… Keep Reading

Election 2018/Politics

Dean Makes Solutions His Priority in Bid For Governors Office

The race for the Tennessee governor’s mansion is heating up in what promises to be the most contentious mid-term election in recent history. Historically, Tennessee has alternated between parties, generally tracking opposite the White House, although these are far from typical times in American politics. The two front-runners in terms of name recognition, and cash… Keep Reading


Not A Piece of Cake After All

  A seemingly minor dispute over a wedding cake that should have been settled in Judge Judy’s court has now become a serious threat to what is left of this country’s anti-discrimination legal doctrine. The case, now known as Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, was argued in the U.S. Supreme Court last… Keep Reading


Spectre and Meltdown, One Very Large Technology Tragedy

Meltdown, a vulnerability that primarily affects Intel and ARM based chips, and Spectre, a vulnerability that affects all processors, have been known about for 7 months.  They are, for the most part, the largest security vulnerabilities that have ever been exposed. Rumors have been going around that Meltdown only affects Intel, ARM, and APPLE processors and… Keep Reading

Election 2018/Politics

Beavers to Host Anti-Islam Fundraiser

Mae Beavers, whom you may remember as a former State Senator is running as a Republican candidate for governor. In support of her campaign, she is hosting a fundraiser at Trevecca Nazarene University on January 25th under the guise of a “Homeland Security Summit.”   Three white protestant speakers that are all self-proclaimed experts on Islam… Keep Reading

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