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Republicans Consider Cutting Payroll Tax Benefits

Can republicans cut Medicare and Social Security and still convince the public that they are the cause of deficits, even though they have been historically paid for in full by payroll taxes, something that all employees have been paying for generations. They basically are making the argument that it was OK to spend the payroll… Keep Reading


Blockchain Currencies in a Nutshell

When asked about Blockchain technologies, most people respond with blank faces.  Here is a small rundown to catch people up. The strongest cryptocurrencies have generally one thing in common, they have something called a blockchain which is stored on many users computers.  This is different then the current banking system, which stores records on databases on servers.  What… Keep Reading


Bitcoin’s Slide Spared No One

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, the largest crypto currencies by market cap, all slid from their highs almost 40% on Thursday, mostly reclaiming 20% of those gains.  It seems investor’s fears of a complete collapse have not been realized. Interestingly no currency was spared in the investor pullback, as all of the currencies followed an… Keep Reading


The Real Face of Federal Dependency

Everyone knows the trope, the welfare queens, sitting in taxpayer funded housing, eating lobster and steak paid for by food stamps, cranking out babies to increase that welfare check.  “She used 80 names, 30 addresses, 15 telephone numbers to collect food stamps, Social Security, veterans’ benefits for four nonexistent deceased veteran husbands, as well as welfare.… Keep Reading


Democrats Nearly Snag Beavers Seat

In the special election held for the Tennessee State Senate District 17 on December 19th, Democrats came within striking distance of an upset victory. Democratic up an comer Mary Alice Carfi, a local attorney, came up just 308 votes short to Republican establishment candidate  and state Representative Mark Pody.  Carfi ran a largely grass roots… Keep Reading


The End of an Era

Consequences of Cheap Money After weeks of mania from an explosive price valuation from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto currencies, it’s safe to assume that something strange is happening to the worlds financial markets.  Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed from a little over $1000 the beginning of the year upwards to $19,000 this past week and… Keep Reading


Repealing Net Neutrality

A Silent Victory for Liberals As the country has silently moved on from the decision to repeal an Obama era FCC regulation that imposed restrictions on bandwidth throttling by the large ISP’s that control internet access, the big question now is, why would the conservative party do this to themselves. Much has been said of… Keep Reading

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