Larry Proffitt Running for Better Schools in House District 66


Larry Proffitt, an 8th grade U.S. History teacher, has announced that he will be running once again for the District 66 State House seat where he will be challenging incumbent, Dr. Sabi Kumar.  District 66 is comprised of the entirety of Robertson County.

Proffitt is a husband of 33 years to his wife, Lori Ann.  Together they have a son, James Robert. Larry moved to the district in 2010 when he was recruited as a public school teacher. Since then, he and Lori have lived in the town of Greenbrier, and they have fallen in love with the beauty of Small Town America. Larry is an educator of 13 years. He believes in community schools across Robertson County, and all of Tennessee.  More importantly, he believes in the students making their journey through Tennessee’s public schools. Larry believes so much in Tennessee’s public schools, that he has spent every single snow day at the General Assembly speaking to legislators about improving schools. This has been his commitment for the past ten years in his life as an educator. He desires that every child have a great public education, like the one he received. He believes quality education is the foundation of our republic and its democratic ideals, and that his students are the future of that belief.

After an unsuccessful run for office in 2016, Larry’s passion for education leads him to run again. He has witnessed four years of a failed investment in multiple standardized testing companies –which have cost the taxpayers of Tennessee millions of dollars per year.  Proffitt has this to say about that testing.

“(Stardardized testing is) an archaic practice from the past that sorts and compares the students of our state. Students and teachers are pressed into anxiety over constant preparation, security measures, and unexpected adjustments for a once-a-year practice proven unsuccessful. Now, it has been connected to a longitudinal statistical formula — which supposedly incorporates every situational event, emotion, or traumatic experience that students, teachers of school systems will encounter. This is what the futures of those students and teachers are judged upon.”

Larry says that District 66 deserves better, and that is why he is running again in 2018. To learn more about Proffitt and his campaign visit his Facebook page.

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