State Senator Incites Anger and Division with Mailer


The Tennessee Republican Party sent out a mailer in the 25th State Senate District this week on behalf of  Republican State Senator Kerry Roberts with a threatening tone.  On the Front of the ad it reads ” RADICAL LIBERAL WADE MUNDAY AND HIS MOB FRIENDS WANT TO STOP CONSERVATIVES LIKE DONALD TRUMP AND KERRY ROBERTS & UNDERMINE AMERICA” The back side of the mailer attempts to make it look like Democratic State Senate candidate Wade Munday has a “history of supporting terrorists”, is working to bring illegal immigrants into the US, and that he “worked to spread radical liberalism”.  After maligning Munday as a “radical leftist” the mailer ends with the ominous note to “Stop the Mobs & Liberal Wade Munday” in bold print.

In light of recent politically motivated attacks by individuals associated with right wing organizations, this sort of angry propaganda could read to as a call to action for right-wingers to attack candidates like Munday.  We are going through a time when American politics has taken a strong turn towards violence, and it is easy to see that the people currently holding power in this country are bolstering the violent actors.  From the President all the way down to State Senators this rhetoric has got to change.  It is time for politicians like Senator Roberts to stop inciting violence and start acting like leaders.

In response to Senator Roberts threatening rhetoric Munday has come back with message of unity.  Munday released the following message on FaceBook:

After November 6, we will go about life living side-by-side with the people we’ve been yelling at for the last few months. As a state senator, I’ll listen to conservative, independent, and liberal mobs alike so that we can find ways to expand Medicaid, raise the minimum wage, and keep our communities healthy and growing.




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